You Need Reputation Marketing For Your Business!

We at Bandon Web Marketing help our clients generate increased revenue by helping build and maintain a 5 star online reputation. Business owners know and understand the importance of building and maintaining a 5 star brand reputation. In some cases, it has taken them years to earn their excellent reputation. However, due to the popularity of the Internet, a business’ hardearned brand reputation can be destroyed overnight due to one unhappy customer leaving a negative review on a review site.

Customers are now also going online as part of the decision making process, to decide if they will do business with you or your competitor.

Did you know that:

  • 85% of consumers now read online reviews for local business before they decide to do business, buy a product or service from that company
  • Consumers increasingly trust online reviews and they are reading fewer than 7 reviews before they are able to form an opinion about a business
  • 73% of consumers say that positive customer reviews make them trust a business more

Business owners that have a bad or, worse still, no reputation online will lose sales and revenue to their competitors.

Google is always striving to provide its customers with the best possible quality search results. One method Google is using is to provide its users with a good overview of a business’ reputation in its search results.

In the picture below you can see that Google is highlighting the companies reputation.  It is therefore very important that your business has an excellent 5 star reputation.  If your company is already ranking on the first page of the search results, but does not have an online reputation or a poor one, your company may end up losing business to your competitors. Is this happening to your business today?

Consumers are changing the way they search for local businesses. Historically customers would have gone to the phone directories or possibly newspaper advertisements when looking for local companies or even ask family and friends for recommendations. Today, the vast majority of consumers are using the internet to find local businesses and also to verify their reputation.

How we help our clients:

We generate sales and increase revenue for our clients by:

  • Working with your business to make sure that you have a 5 star reputation marketing strategy built into your core marketing plan.
  • Making sure that your business is registered on all the top review sites
  • Building a branded portal where your costumers can leave reviews for your business
  • Reviewing all the top reviews sites and in the event that you receive a poor review we will notify you so that you can follow up with your customer
  • Streaming positive reviews that have been left on 3rd party websites onto the home page of your webpage
  • Marketing your reputation in order to maximize the benefits and generate new leads and sales.