By Nathan Safran            

For those who are involved in an online business, it is to be noted that it is a necessary thing that they see where they are going to put their priorities.  We are talking about the marketing efforts that should be put out so that good amounts of income and traffic could be attained. The allocation of priorities would of course vary from investor to investor. There are some who would have greater preference for social media advertising while there are some who would be hooked or comfortable about those paid traffic generation schemes. A few would really see the significance of natural searches on their long term goals.

Now, what is this thing called as natural search? In the online world, these are direct searches that are connected to the products and services that are offered by our site or business. Natural means that the surfers or viewers who come to the site are doing it on their own and they realize the value of accessing a specific site in relation to their actual needs.

A company named Conductor made some researches with regards to the roles and importance of this natural search to an online business. Of course, we all know that we want one thing if we are running a web based site for business and this is about good number of viewers who would turn out to be conversions in the end. This is the driving force or idea that Conductor has when the research was done. For a period of one year, about 300 million visits to 30 websites were analyzed. Of course, the end result or findings were very much exciting for those who see the value of info.

Based from the actual data derived from the observations, it is clear that natural visits or searches generated almost half of all the percentages plotted. For the actual number of visits analyzed, this is already a very big figure. The thing that really bothers some online investors is the fact that visits brought by referrals gave only about 15% of the traffic and social media visits turned out only 2% which is truly not an expected thing.

If the paid and natural searches will be compared, it is easy to see that the latter really exceeds the capacity of the former to generate sustained amounts of traffic for long periods of time. In the end, we can safely say that there are many factors that could really affect the kind of traffic generated by a website.  However, there is this undeniable fact that natural searches should be given full amounts of attention. For a more detailed version of this article, you can click here