When writing content, it has to be organized for better reading. Same principle goes for site structure, no one wants to view an unorganized website.

Structure MattersĀ 

A good site structure not only makes your viewers stay but it helps with SEO. Here are some of the reasons why site structure matters:

1. It corresponds to a great user experience.

The human mind is programmed for cognitive equilibrium which helps us put pieces together for better comprehension. A good site structure exactly provides this.

2. It leads you have sitelinks.

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Have you noticed why certain websites have indented internal links and others do not? Those are called sitelinks and they are awarded by Google to those who deserve them which are usually those with outstanding site structure.

3. It improves web crawling.

Web crawls work in a way where they crawl among websites to index them. By having a good site structure, you help the web crawlers do their work. This also works in your favor as every page in your website gets discovered and not left unseen.

How to Create a Good Site Structure

It might sound simple but the process is critical order to end up with a good site structure. Here is a quick step-by-step guide as outlined by the author at the original article here.

1. Position and organize information.

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It has to be logical, the main categories have to be between two and seven only, and the amount of subcategories for each category must be balanced.

2. Generate a URL structure based on the positioning you made.

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If you have planned the hierarchy out well, this should be simpler as you are only laying it all out.

3. Keep coding simple.

HTML and CSS are your best and safest bets as these do not limit web crawlers.

4. Prefer a shallow website.

By this, it means to keep everything simple with a few clicks for viewers.

5. Make a header with main navigation pages.

This should accomplish everything your viewers might want to see.

6. Have internal linking structure.

The more internal linking between the pages, the better it would be.

Remember that a good site structure is simple and not complicated. Think it over with an intentional design and organize things accurately before creating the website. That should put things into a better perspective.