Color Psychology in Marketing: The Complete Guide

Color definitely plays an important role in catching people‚Äôs attention. Will you still continue browsing a site with plain, dull, boring colors that make you want to watch TV instead? But if you come across a website with wonderful colors pleasing to the eye, you will be inclined to stay and actually read more. […]

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5 Innovative Email Marketing Tips That Drive Readers to Action

There are definitely a lot of ways to do marketing today than yesterday. Is this the reason why email marketing has been taking the back seat? Or is it the contradictory tips from dozens of experts around the internet on what works and what not?

Truth be told, email marketing is one of the oldest […]

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Social Media Strategy: Seven Lessons for Engaging with your Fanbase

Most social media marketers today are sort of lost into thinking that social media marketing is simply about spreading posts. Many thinks that they are already successful based on the number of likes and shares. This most especially applies to Facebook where it is way too easy to like and share even without reading […]

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Content Marketing Minds: Ingredients of the Tastiest Content [Nutrition Label]

When people started realizing the importance of content marketing and how extremely effective it is, everyone jumped into the bandwagon with different interpretations and ways of executing it. Today, some are saying that there is just too much content everywhere and that it is not a sustainable energy anymore. It is like being oversaturated […]

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