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Understanding Your Lead Funnel and Steps To Have a Better One

By Mark Riordan, Bandon Web Marketing

Entrepreneurs making use of the Internet to bring in more income should know all about how the lead funnel works. The essential thing you should know about before getting to the more technical aspects of the lead funnel is understanding the lead itself.

What are leads?

Leads, or more technically “sales […]

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5 Most Powerful Ways of Creating Brand Awareness

By Mark Riordan, Bandon Web Marketing 

A decade ago, creating product or service awareness entails using print ads in newspapers, magazines and billboards as well as the media in the form of television and radio. Today is a different scenario with the internet as a very powerful marketing tool. As a result, creating brand, product, […]

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4 Key Stats to Monitor the Health of Your Blog

By Shayne via @problogger


For bloggers, looking at the figures such as number of visitors and page views of their blog is most likely the extent of site analytics they have ever done. In this very insightful read from Shayne on ProBlogger notes that even blog writers should be aware of a few basic stats […]

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7 Tips to Create Facebook Ads that Convert

By @AmyPorterfield on her website

Are you thinking about doing a trial run on Facebook Ads and see if you can get a decent conversion rate? Running an ad campaign on Facebook can be very profitable for your business whether are looking for lead generation or sales.

Here are the seven things according to Amy Porterfield […]

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